The Ten Perfect Christmas Gifts for the People in Your Life that Remind You of Me

aka The Ten Perfect Gifts for Me if You’re Planning To Get Me A Gift 😉

One of the hardest things about Christmas is finding the perfect gift for your loved ones in your life, am I right?

What about those important people in your life . . . those children, nephews, nieces, cows, that you love so much? Especially those who have glasses, is a musician/writer/artist, owns a blog called www.benesanchez.com, is a youth leader at Feast Bay Area . . . what about those people!

Surely they need the perfect gift!

So to help you out, I decided to compile the top ten things someone in your life that reminds you of me will appreciate the most! or you could just give these things to me

Let’s go!!!


10) Stand on the proper side of the escalator

Cost: Your Dignity


Seriously guys. Sobrang saya ko na dito. I mean, ehrm, your relative/cousin/daughter/son that reminds you of me. To refresh you with the basics of escalator ettiquette, madali lang yan:

Walk on the left. Stand on the right. 

Kailangan ba imemorise yan?

You know, I’ve been to Japan three times this year, and if there’s one thing I will never forget, never once have I seen a Japanese person break escalator ettiquette. Kayo mga Japan-Japan fans diyan, if you really like Japanese things,  why don’t you practice respect for other people in public spaces?

And if you’re in a group? You can still lineup. Whenever me and my friends go out, matotokwa (yes matotokwa) sila sa akin if they don’t line on the right side of the escalator. Who said you can’t talk with all of you on the right side?

I’m sure the loved ones in your life that remind you of me will really appreciate this. 😉


9) Yakisoba Spicy Chicken Flavour

Cost: 32 Pesos for 77 Grams
























I know it isn’t healthy and I’m an advocate for healthy things but hey, it’s Christmas!!! And seriously, I can’t be the only one who loves these nasty things. Get these for your loved ones! Hurrah.


8) Uniqlo

Cost: 300-1400 Pesos

that’s me












If you’re planning to get something for your Bene-like loved ones from Uniqlo, here are some great ideas. P.S. If your Bene-doppelganger loved one is the same size as me, get him/me a size S 😉

164179_sub4 03_181408 56_172340 goods_69_126158















(From L to R, Supima Cotton Crew Neck 590PHP, Washed Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt 390 PHP, Washed Crew Neck Long Sleeve 590PHP, Lambswool Crew Neck Sweater PHP 1490) 

I’d appreciate crew necks only! I mean, err, your loved one like me probably does too.


7) Muji Tabo (or anything Muji really)

Cost: 495 Pesos









Has your loved one with attributes like me ever mentioned, “I wish I lived in a MUJI store”?

Because that’s something I say a lot. So why don’t you get them/me this amazing tabo from MUJI? Seriously how could you not want it just look at it . . . it’s perfection!

Honestly, anything from MUJI will do.

“Here Bene *insert name of loved one with semblance to me*, I bottled some air from the MUJI store for you! Merry Christmas!”


6) A Date at Mendokoro Ramenba

Cost: About 500 pesos a bowl

20160816_190234This is definitely an upgrade from the Yakisoba . . .

And anyway, what’s more Christmas-y than ramen? I thought so too. So why not celebrate Christmas in the best ramen joint in the Philippines?

Mendokoro IS the place to be.

Order the Miso Ramen (pictured above) for your Bene-twin person in your life, and he’ll love you forever. If you order extra chasu, he/she/I will probably radiate exuberant jubilation.


5) 5B Promark Drum Sticks

Cost: 600 Pesos at your nearest Audiophile store 

promark-5b-wood-tip-hickory-2697-pChances are, your Bene person in your life is a drummer. And the odds are, they 5B Pro-mark sticks to be exact. I mean, they’re slim odds, but they’re still odds so I’m putting it here.

If you have no idea what exactly to get, just go to Audiophile, ask kuya to help you find a pair of 5B promarks. Either the Shirakashi Oak or Hickory is good. If that’s not available, get the 5BG Benny Greb sticks (they’re the green ones)!


4) Dad Cap

Cost: 300-800 Pesos, depending whether you buy it from SM Men’s or Topman lo


Knowing your loved one that’s like me but not me (but could possibly be me), he/she/I has a baseball cap collection but keeps losing his BLACK and NAVY BLUE ones.

Go grab anything that looks decent, has a curved brim, and is of a single colour. Honestly, mas okay pa nga yung SM Men’s section compared to the more expensive hats.


 3) Boxer Briefs

Cost: 900 pesos for a set of 3 in UNIQLO, 895 pesos for a set of 3 in TOPMAN

27_190514 tm52k28mmul_large_f_1








This is the ultimate gift if you’re best friends with the said Bene person in your life. Giving something this . . . personal, shows the commitment and bond you have with that person and surely he/she will benefit from decent underwear.

I have a feeling the Bene person in your life is size XXS in Topman and a size M in Uniqlo. Or maybe that’s just me.


2) A New Bag

Cost: (from L to R, Herschel Settlement Backpack 3214 PHP, Herschel Novel Duffle 4544 PHP,  Mono Model 144 4400 PHP)

10005-00001-os_01_4b7426bf-268b-4259-b6ee-34edafafe881_grande 10026-00007-os_02_grande model-142cc-700x700















This is probably gonna make you the best ninong/ninang ever. If your Bene person in your life is like me, he’s/she’s beaten his/hers backpack to death. And camp season is coming soon, so an new bag would be super awesome.

Thanks in advance! 😉 . . . ehrm, says the Bene person in your life which totally isn’t me.


1) DW Collector’s Series 5-pc Drum Set

Cost: $7,024.16
















Just putting it out there you know. 😉


So that about wraps the top ten perfect gifts for the people in your life that remind you of me. I’m sure no matter what you get them on this list, it’s sure to be a hit! Knowing people like me, they probably have a super awesome gift for you too! 😉

On a more serious note though, I’d like to talk about something really important.

Sure, I’d super appreciate it if I received any of those gifts, even a pack of Yakisoba, you know? (Yeah, if you haven’t figured it out, this Christmas list was pretty much things to get me)

But honestly, there’s something more important to me I’d like to share with you.

I honestly believe one of the most marginalised people in society are the youth.

A survey involving students from UP, DLSU, Ateneo, and UST aged 16 to 24 revealed that 96% of the students have faced moderately intense to very intense depression in school. As many as 7 Filipinos commit suicide every day. And it’s not just the poor committing suicide; there is a disturbing prevalence of serious depression and suicide incidents from colleges attended by middle-class and rich kids.

Just take a look around you . . . what kind of generation are we raising? Many are growing more and more distant from their families, more attached to material things, getting more involved in sex, drugs, and alcohol, and other serious matters. I don’t think the rising suicidal rates are coincidental.

I’ve been a youth leader for almost 5 years now, and I can tell you the answer to this problem:

Young people need love. Real love.

My ministry, Youth High, a weekly gathering for young people every Sunday, exists to meet that lack.

We’re a people ministry, and we welcome everyone. No matter who you are, and where you come from. We want to make you feel you’re loved, and teach you to love yourself, love God, and love others. We want to give them a hope, a beautiful spark of light, that can only be found in Jesus.

And this 2017, we are planning to do something big. After countless delays, our worship team, the MXSFTS, is going to finally release their first album, entitled Heartbeat. Thousands of hours, and thousands more, have been poured into this incredible labour of love.

It’s called Heartbeat, because I believe a lot of young people have forgotten how to listen to God’s heart. Our hope is that this album will help young people’s hearts sync in-line with God.

The goal is to launch the album during our summercamp, this March. But here’s the most exciting news: we want to give it away for free.

We hope that these songs, this album is going to be a platform, a conversation starter, to reach out to more young people all over the Philippines, and across the globe. With this album, we’ll be able to go into schools, to different cities, have more summer camps and recollections, and seriously spread the message of God’s love to everyone who’s willing to listen.

To make this reality, we need your help. A lot of money is needed to make an album happen, especially a free one. If you feel like God is calling you to do something really meaningful this Christmas, would you consider helping us? Much like how the heart pumps blood around the body, we want to pump God’s love across this nation.

Will you help spread it?

If this message is disturbing you and you’re interested in learning more, you can email me at bene@benesanchez.com for more details about MXSFTS, Youth High, and the album Heartbeat.

This whole project is actually a surprise, but I’m letting you readers here at my blog get a headstart to think about whether God is calling you to be extra generous this year.

Seriously, I think this sort of gift is what I’d appreciate the most, more than a thousand cups of Yakisoba, or a 7000 dollar drum-set.

Below is the link to the crowdfunding page. You can choose to donate either a 1 time donation, or a set monthly amount (monthly really helps!) For more ways to donate or help out, contact me here.


Let’s make that album!



PS. I know this post wasn’t the usual reflection, so I’m going to make another one this week! To make up for all the times I don’t post on Wednesday 😭 I’m truly sorry for that. Well anyway, watch out for it!

PPS. Seriously though, if anyone gets me Yakisoba for Christmas YEHEY

PPPS. If you like what I’m wearing on the cover photo, please check out VERSES PH for some awesome drops! You know, I think that would be a great Christmas gift too! 😉