Bene . . .


It’s a girl’s name. It means “good” in Italian. I was born, Benedict Thomas Lopez Sanchez, to two wonderful parents, Bo Sanchez and Marowe Sanchez. They both have weird names too.

I’m considered a pastor’s kid. Although my family is Catholic, my dad is in charge of a large charismatic community called Light of Jesus.

I grew up in this community, and that’s why I like to babble about Jesus a lot. My life verse is 1 John 4:19.

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Here are some fun facts about me:

1) I sleep with the aircon on at 21º degrees celsius
2) I like white t-shirts so much, I tried to start a business selling premium white t-shirts
3) I have fell off a stage and got into a minor head injury
4) I can play Sweet Child O’ Mine with the guitar behind my head
5) I drink my coffee with soy milk
6) I’ve gone to all the continents except for South America
7) I know all the Taylor Swift songs by heart
8) How I Met Your Mother is great

On a more serious note, I want to be a great person. Not that I want everything to be about me, or that I want to be rich or famous. But I want to be a person of influence. I want to make a difference you know? Personally, I want to heal the family.

I grew up in a loving family. Even if I can never agree with my mom and we still fight almost every day about the pettiest things, I know she loves me and I love her too. My parents nurtured me and loved me and always supported me. I hate how that’s not the reality for so many people.

My friend was telling me, out of the 45 students in her class, more than half of them come from broken families.

I want to be a very loving person. I want to help people find love for themselves and others. I want to stop making broken families the norm.

I guess the reason why I started this blog is because more than just wanting to share my thoughts, I want to make a little corner on the Internet that’s hopefully more positive than your Facebook wall! I hope I get to make you smile today.

Well, other things to know about me, I’m a musician! If you want to support me and what I do, hire me on Fiverr! You can also visit my Soundcloud. I love playing the drums, but I do keys and guitars as well.


You can also get me as a graphic designer, arranger, host, speaker, facillitator, writer, probably most things artsy. I love a challenge! If I had a desk job, I want to be a creative director. In fact, if you want to borrow me for a creative project, send me a message through the contact form!

Picking up a pace, I live in the wonderful city of Parañaque with no plans in leaving this country. I have one younger brother named Francis. I love ramen. RAMEN.


I’m probably going to change this about 50 more times before I will be satisfied.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your time reading my blog!